Hello, we’re Pine.

Hey guys! 

Welcome to our first blog post of hopefully many more to come. We wanted to start trying new things and put even more love and dedication into our brand so you’ll start seeing a few exciting changes around here in the near future. We have so many cool things planned that we cannot wait to get started working on. We will soon be doing a cheeky flash frenzy sale so keep an eye out for that, before jumping into our revamped Australia Cap launch followed by our long awaited Paradise Lounge winter collection. Making winter loungewear is something we’ve always wanted to dabble in and we are so happy with how our pieces turned out and can’t wait to see you all in them!

Pretty soon we will also be launching our new site so we hope you guys dig that as well. We’ve also introduced Pine Rewards where you can subscribe and earn Cone Coins that can be used to save money on purchases or even shipping. This is something we’ve always been keen on doing so we’re excited that we finally got around to doing it! You guys appreciate us so we wanted to show that we appreciate you.

Anyway that’s it from us for now! Keep it classy.

Team Pine x

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