Tigers x Pine.

We love our cord caps and we also love our footy. So what better way than to put two and two together and make the best bloody cap we’ve ever produced: the Tigers x Pine corduroy cap.

We we’re lucky enough to collaborate alongside a group of players from the Richmond footy club to make this sick looking lid and are so grateful for all the input the boys put into this piece. We always wanted to ensure that whatever we created didn’t feel like your typical footy merch; we wanted to keep our bold, unique and retro take on fashion and turn it into a piece that could be worn anywhere, anytime and not just at the footy. 

Leading up to the launch we were so nervous but you guys loved it so much we sold out in just 7 minutes. These were limited pieces that we won’t be stocking again. Seeing all of you on instagram posting about them and wearing them makes us so happy. We are so incredibly grateful for everyone that purchased a cap and we hope you love them just as much as we do. What team should we do next?

Team Pine. 

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