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Pine’s ‘Australia cord’ © has been redesigned to stay. Gary our Palm Tree Shade Supervisor says the redesign has revolutionised sun protection along the East Coast. This two toned beauty will flip heads, inspired by Australia’s 1980’s surf culture this cord has no intention of ever leaving. WIN one of your own and be apart of the revolution. Protect your head and still look as golden as the syrup pancakes at our resort buffet. 

How to win?
We are hosting a prize giveaway over on our instagram. 
Click Here 


“Debatably the highest quality unstructured lid of the new era.”

Want to score one of your own?

we will be launching it live on the 5th of July at 6:00pm AEDT. 

If you have any questions be sure to flick us a DM on Instagram, as this is the place we respond the fastest. 

Much love, Team Pine.