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Pine x Tigers (presale)

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PRESALE ITEM (shipped in 4 weeks)

Pine x Tigers corduroy.  

An exclusive piece you must add to the collection. Designed with the 2020 premiership team this cap is limited to 200 pieces ever. No need to be a supporter, this cap features a 90s style to suit any outfit. 

Featuring beautiful corduroy in green, this is a staple when you're out and about. 

  • Corduroy Material
  • Made from 90% Polyester & 10% Acrylic
  • Embroidered Front & Back Design
  • Adjustable Back Strap
  • Custom Trim
  • 6 Panel Construction



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Care Instructions

The method/s are as follows:

  1. Clean out a sink of any filth

  2. Fill sink with slightly warm water and laundry powder/detergent

  3. Rub area of hat that needs cleaning

  4. Leave to soak for a further 5 mins - MAKE SURE YOU RINSE IN COLD WATER BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO DRY!

  5. Take out and drip dry inside (away from sun)

  6. Once the hat is sort of dry, but still damp, get a blow dryer and blow dry the INSIDE of the cap, not the outside to ensure no fading. (ENSURE THAT BLOWDRYER IS EITHER SET TO COOL, OR IF SETTING TO WARM, ENSURE TO WAVE THE BLOWDRYER IN A FAN LIKE MOTION, BACK AND FORTH SO TO NOT CONCENTRATE ON ONE SECTION, RATHER, GETTING ALL OF THE INSIDE OF THE CAP)

  7. Hang back up to finish drying

  8. Once more with the blow dryer INSIDE to reshape back to perfect.